AKG van Gorkum BVBA


The company was founted in 1982 as wholesaler for cooling equipement.

Very fast we started to produce standard air cooled condensing units for the European Market.

Also high ambient temperature units where made for South Africa, the North African countries and the Middle East with the Unidad Hermetica compressors.


Later on also units where equiped with the Kirby compressor due to the switch from R12 to R22 refrigerant with important customers such as Schiessl and Frigotherm in Germany


In 1990 we had a devastating fire which resulted in a production stop for 7 months.

During the restart of our company we decided to produce also units with the Maneurop compressor.

For Danfoss Netherlands we build special centrals with the VTZ Maneurop compressors for the Dutch market.


In 1997 York Europe contacted us, they asked us to produce standard condensing units with the Bristol compressors,,as well special units with the Bristol scroll compressors for the milktank cool business in Europe.

References for these units:

SFT / YORK Gemany


Fabdec UK / Mueller Uk and Netherlands.


After Danfoss took over the Bristol scroll compressor factory , we switched to Copeland scroll compressors.

Our main customer are the Milktank builders all over Europe.




Our key strenghts:

- We have our own machinery so we can edit all our stainless steel plates.


This makes us very flexible,concluding almost every setup is possible.


- Our mounting bases and weather housings are made from stainless steel 304K320.

- AKG untis are powered by Copeland Scroll compressors.


-Pressure Switches and fan speed controls from Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and industrial leader.


-Drier sightglass are standard mounted on the units


-Our condensers are coated with an anti corrosion protection, significatly prologing the condensers life even in the most harsh environments.


-Check our prices simply by request, You will be suprised by prices as well as for our quality








Klein veerle 121

2960 Brecht


TEl: 0032 3 385 49 01

e-mail: info@akgvangorkum.be